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How to avoid rejected wig returns from any online wig store

You know every once in a while, we end up having to get a rejected return and it’s never pretty. We actually hate rejecting returns, because it almost always results in pretty hideous drama, with the person who is mad at us, because we didn’t want to accept their return.

So here are some ways that you can avoid this. Our policy is not that different from most of the other stores on the web, at least not in regards to what is an eligibility requirement, but I just wanted to give voice to this, because, even though it’s kind of a negative aspect of what we do,

I Think it’s important for you guys to know what we’re looking for. So that way you can kind of avoid some of this stuff. Well, we don’t do is reject wigs because they’re missing hair nets. You know we want you to put the hair net in it.

Please put the hair net in, but we don’t know not. Every weight comes with a hair net, so you know we don’t actually act like sticklers about that.

We just want you to package it up in a way that makes it so it’s not gon na get jostled, while it’s being delivered back to our location, because that can actually damage the wig.

So you want to pay really close attention to how the wig is packaged before you take it out of the box. That’S the best tip. I can possibly give you about this. Okay, pay very close attention to how its packaged before you take it out of the box, I mean I have to do that too, because every brand seems to package their legs a little differently, and so I always have to pay attention.

I can keep track. Is that stuff in my head, I’ve seen hundreds of these things, so you know, I’m not expecting you guys to have that kind of photographic memory. So please just refer to the packaging when you’re packaging it so the best way I found to package wigs, especially if they don’t have hairnet.

I would make a little taco out of it fold it in half right down the center okay, and then I usually smooth the hair down with my hands and then usually most of these will have some kind of Bobby pins on the inside of them um. If they have tissue the – and that usually means that this wig is supposed to be tissue in here and then you wrap the hair around it.

This way, those things will almost always have a hairnet as well. So let me show you how to put a hairnet on. I think that this is also kind of tricky. You want to stretch it out as far as you can without breaking it. Okay, then you want to fold your wig okay, you want to smooth the hair down.

Alright know that this box down for seconds, I’m going to show you you want to smooth the hair down, and then you want to take this hairnet. I kind of grabbed it with my finger here. It even gets snagged on my ring.

Okay, so you just want to expand it as far as you can it’s wide you can think spider-man and then just catch the hair. It’S gon na take some practice for most people, okay and I usually twist it a little bit at the end. So it gets nice and tight.

But let’s say that it comes like this militant where it’s inverted. Well, that’s even easier! Theres no tissue to go inside the wig there’s. No, you can tell if there’s no loose tissue inside this box, you want again smooth down the hair with your fingers very gently, see I don’t really. I just sort of smoothed it and I do the exact same thing except it’s easier, because you have a little less hair to catch.

Some of it is caught in the cap and see how this kind of naturally wants to go this way because of the direction we’ve tied it. Well, that’s the direction we’re going to put it in the box, so I’ve set it in here and I’m just going to sort of hold the hair into the Box fold the tissue over it like so these tissues gon na get tucked in here. I take the tag and I put it on the outside of the box kind of like a little flag and it doesn’t matter what you do a little cord.

There fact we don’t even really care if this little cord is there. We just want to make sure you have the tag. Thats the important thing and before you put, the Box on Jean Renault also usually puts one of these little inserts about how to take care of the wicks in the wig.

So make sure you put that on top and you close the box up and if you package, your correctly box should close without you having to push the lid down like it should disclose. That’s one thing that will help a lot of people, because sometimes we receive wigs back that are really jacked up and we have to then determine was this because it was shifting around during packaging or did the customer actually mess this wig up? And so you know, don’t leave it up to us to have to determine that make it real easy for us by packaging the wig correctly.

So that way, we never have to wonder whether or not you damaged the hair, because you know we’re not always going to get that determination right. A hundred percent of the time, because it’s like detective work so help us not have to do that. So that way, your wig can be approved and approved faster. Another thing to avoid is everything we say on the website. In our return policy, do not wear the wig, don’t wear it.

Do not wear it around the house. Don’T wear it out to the grocery store, don’t wear the wig, we’re specifically looking for signs that you’ve worn the wig? That’S that’s something that we’re trained to do and we look very closely at which, which means that when we receive a wig one of the first things we do, is we sniff it like? We put it right up to our noses and we sniff the wig, because if it smells like you.

So you know, and then the the other thing is that you know if it smells like perfume if it smells like a wig, Glosser or leave-in treatment. If it smells like anything like that, really another thing you could smell like cigarette smoke, we’ve had some of those come back and they usually rest of us are smokers. We can smell it immediately.

Some of them come back smelling like you, cooked with the wig home about. What’S come back smelling like onions, we’ve had wigs coming back smelling like garlic. Why would you do that? You know there’s no way.

That’S gon na come from the factory smelling like that. What exhibit they’re gon na have a smell from the factory that smells either. You know nothing or it’s vaguely chemical. Sometimes it can be really strong chemical, especially if it’s heat friendly synthetic those tend to be a little stinky err when you get the model box, just if you want to keep it wash it that usually takes care of the smell, but you know most regular synthetics

And human hair, wigs aren’t gon na smell like that they’re gon na smell vaguely chemical, definitely not like food or Bo or perfume. So don’t do any of that stuff. Thats usually a telltale sign that somebody has learned this wig and worn it out.

Don’T comb the wig okay? Now, if you finger comb it if it’s, if it’s a straight wig or something like that, no biggie, but don’t loosen up the curls on a curly wig. Unless you know you want to keep it, we have a really strong policy about that, specifically with curly wigs and that’s because curly wigs once you loosen up that curl, it’s almost impossible to get it back into the factory condition and one of the requirements that we Have when we accept returns is that it has to be in factory condition still like it has to be in new condition still because we don’t want to sell eggs that look used on our clearance site. We want them to be a great deal, which means they’re in new condition.


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